So…I’ve officially animated Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman. To dialogue that we wrote. That they then RECORDED FOR US.

I couldn’t say anything before, but whilst we of the Doctor Puppet crew are here at Dragon Con, apparently last night a segment about Doctor Puppet aired on BBC America!! Alisa was interviewed and featured in Doctor Who: Earth Conquest.

The EXTRA insane part is that the doc crew arranged for Peter and Jenna to record voices for us, so that we could animate a little scene of their puppets in NY. I animated the stop-motion and Alisa tackled the lip sync digitally. Alisa of course made his amazing little t-shirt and a tiny hot dog.

It was the most stressful thing I’ve ever animated, but guys, I am so happy. I didn’t think PCap’s awesome postcards could be topped, and then he and Jenna took the time to do this. Thanks to the Earth Conquest crew! You’re beautiful people. If you missed this try to check it out!

Here’s some photos. I can’t.

Yes, how else could he have spent a rare morning off than hanging around watching people blow up daleks.
More added to his scrapbook collection. He is 12

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With his coat and scalf too - racing around getting photos of daleks on his phone. Lovely.

Can you imagine.

It was a freezing cold day in January in an aircraft hanger in Cardiff, but he still turned up early to watch.








So they had Lenny Henry smashing cameras with a wooden mallet yesterday, whilst wearing safety glasses. Today John Hamm bowling a cricket ball at a cardboard cut out of David Baddiel (I think)..

Welcome to The One Show .I wonder what they have in store tomorrow for Peter to face.

The mind boggles



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I just saw - he’s obviously been very naughty and needs to be punished

Please don’t say things like that it’s no good for my state of mind or blood pressure ..:)

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Oh apparently, Peter is putting himself through the agony that is The One Show again on Thursday.

The Doctor Who media juggernaut keeps on rolling. He’s committed, bless him.

"I’m not on Twitter or Facebook. I don’t feel like a fuddy-duddy because I don’t care and I don’t have time. It’s impossible for me to escape people’s opinions. I don’t go out there looking for them, but it would be impossible not to know whether one is generally favoured or unfavoured. But you know I was alive for 50 years before Twitter, empires grew, the Roman Empire came and went, in World War Two the Allies managed to defeat the fascist menace without Twitter, so I think I will be OK."

— Peter on whether he’s worried about the impact of social media and instant feedback. (Radio Times)

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